About Us

IMG_3288-1 Open Daily from 5PM – 10PM

In the traditional code of Moroccan hospitality, all

guests at the Marrakesh are treated with

graciousness and attentiveness. At this cozy ethnic

oasis adorned with richly textured Moroccan rugs,

ornate silver urns & tapestries, you will feel like an

honored guest in the sultan’s tent. Worthy of all of this splendor is a menu featuring

such delicacies as lamb m’rouzia simmered in honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and roasted

almonds; braised Cornish hen in preserved lemon & olives; and the national dish of Morocco,

Couscous topped with lamb or chicken, onions, chick peas, raisins and 7- vegetable medley.

Enjoy the Marrakesh Royal Feast Dinner, a five course meal of the chef’s selection.

Reservations are advised, especially for large groups. All major credit cards are gladly accepted.

Catering and BanquetRoom are available for all occasions. Featuring belly dancing

Wednesday through Sunday.